Trip 45, post 1 – Baladjie Rock

After many years of thinking about it, we’ve finally started, our 8-month holiday where we intend to spend the first 6 months of our holiday in the van, exploring this great country of ours.

1st stop Baladjie Rock and Nature Reserve, 360kms from home, out in Central East of WA’s Wheatbelt region. As usual, we took as many back roads as we could find to get here, travelling out through Toodyay, Goomalling, Trayning and Mukinbudin, before arriving at Baladjie Rock.

Jule’s iPhone snap of a huge cross on the road out near Manmanning
Cool old bank building in Trayning
Drone pic of a farmer tilling his fields out near Mukinbudin
Drone pic of a farmer tilling his fields out near Mukinbudin

Baladjie Rock is one of the numerous granite outcrops spread throughout WA and is impressive in its size and features. We camped for a couple of nights at the Nature Reserve campground, situated between the rock and Lake Baladjie, a salt lake. There are heaps of spots to camp around the rock and a nice flushing dunny in the main area. The only downside was the flies, they were many, tiny and annoying as f#ck. So, out with the trendy flynets and Bushmans.

Our 1st night camp
Our 1st night camp
Trendy fly nets
Baladjie Rock
Drone shot of the salt lake north of Baladjie Rock

A weird, but cool small cloud that displayed the colours of the rainbow, whilst all other clouds around it were standard white and wispy. Not sure what caused this, but it was pretty cool, with the side of Baladjie Rock in silhouette
Campfire pic where we’re looking pretty miserable – but this wasn’t the case. Rather we were trying to remain dead still for the 30 second long exposure..
A local spider, about 70mm diameter, in the tree at Baladjie Rock

Luckily the flies go to sleep at sundown and with no standing water anywhere the night remained mozzie-free. Pizza in the Ziggy with a glass of the GreenSkin ( – check them out, the wine is great and packs smaller, lighter and easier than bottles) pouch wine and a small campfire was the night’s entertainment.

A slow start to the morning, with brekky in the van to escape the flies, before we re-netted and bug sprayed and walked around and over Baladjie Rock. Great spot to explore, but with the bush really dry at present, there weren’t many birds or any wildlife to spot, a pair of circling wedgies was the most exciting.

A wave rock style formation on Baladjie Rock
Jules resting near some huge weather-worn granite boulders
A determined tree growing around the boulder
Fly net time
The colours of the wave like formation against the sky
A wave rock style formation on Baladjie Rock
Me exploring one of the many caves, this one was quite big
Some of the roof formation inside the cave
A hardy grass type plant living atop Baladjie Rock
Looking out towards tracks in the salt lake from atop Baladjie Rock
Someones, not ours, tyre tracks in the salt lake
Beautifully coloured and textured tree bark
A 100% crop of a shot, taken at 400mm (800mm full frame equivalent) of a farmer plowing his field
One of the wedgies circling the rock
A gecko that decided to make the underneath of our gas bottle his new home
A gecko that decided to make the underneath of our gas bottle his new home

We had intended to camp here for three nights, but now that we’ve pretty much explored the rock, we’re going to head off to Helena Aurora Ranges, aka Bungalbin tomorrow, via Southern Cross for a quick restock tomorrow.

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