a retrospective – Water droplet photography, 2013

For a few months in 2013 I got into photographing water droplets and the little explosions they create when they splash into a pool of water. My first attempts were very hit and miss, but I eventually followed some internet references and built myself a Raspberry PI (mini computer) controlled digital timing with a solenoid to control the water droplets and light sensors to detect the drops and fire my camera and flashes.

The strange thing was, I enjoyed the project and process of building the controller and solenoid setup, more than taking the shots after it was all working! When complete, my success rate at water droplet shots rose to something like 90% keepers, however, my interest in pressing a button to get the controller to do its thing and take my photo dropped to 0%. Still it was fun whilst it lasted 🙂

This last shot was digitally edited in Photoshop to replace the droplet with a picture of the Earth, following which I then added a fake sun-like object in the background with some lens flare.

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