Does it really Suck To Be You?

Welcome to our new blog site SucksToBeYou….

Straight off the bat, let’s get one thing clear, the title of our new blog “SucksToBeYou” is not meant to be offensive in anyway and we’re sure you really are a very nice person.

So why the rude title I hear you ask?  Well it came about the other week when Jules and I were sitting having a nice cold beer at The Goose restaurant in Busselton.  In was an extraordinarily beautiful evening, a balmy 24 degrees, hardly a cloud in the sky, not a breath of wind, the sea was mirror-like, there were lots of people out enjoying the evening, and Jules and I had our own little outdoors seat, cold beers and a view to die for.  As one of our besties would put it, we were truly feeling #blessed!  So whilst in this semi-comatose state of happiness, we wondered what “the poor people were doing” and then decided, “who cares, it sucked to be them”….  This then spawned the idea that we should create our own little travel blog where we could share our #blessed moments, or any any random thoughts we have, with our friends and anyone else who cared.

Why don’t you just use Facebook like any ‘normal’ person I hear you ask?  Well for a couple of reasons, 1) I (Tony) dislike Facebook and all the advertising stuff that goes with it and 2) because we could, so there..

As mentioned Jules and I intend to use this site to diarise our travels in our new caravan and we hope you guys enjoy it.

Cheers Tony and Jules


PS. we hope these random postings about our #blessed moments inspire you to find your own moments of specialness, you know, those moments you want to share and enjoy with your loved ones.

PPS. this post is retrospectively dated as we wanted it to appear as the first post on the blog.

One Reply to “Does it really Suck To Be You?”

  1. Hi SucksToBeYou,

    For the record it doesn’t suck to be me ’cause I’m thesoloavocado ( Have a look at my site and I should receive a message from you via a mutual friend.

    Have a great trip and hope to meet you on the road sometime.


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