Anticipation for Trip 20 rising…

Trip 20 is going to be a doozy.  Over 58 days, we’ll drive more than 14,000 km, crossing five of our nation’s states and territories, through desert and rain forest, with a side trip to the worlds largest coral reef.  Yep, that’s right, we’re heading to Cape York!

<<  the proposed route but things will change as we make our way around >>

Having spent many years on the “bucket list”, last year we decided fuck’it, let’s do it in 2018.  Jules and I are heading off with Rod in a couple of weeks, meeting up with BJ at Gemtree, the little spot marked with a purple van in the middle of Australia (just north east of Alice Springs).  Leaving the girls and guard dog at home, we’re looking forward to exploring this beautiful and diverse country of ours.  Jules and I have been to suburban Qld before, having attended events in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, but neither of us have headed to far north Qld.  This trip will see us cut through middle of Oz, then up through remote central Qld to Cairns, where Jules and I have a 3day live-aboard diving trip booked on the outer Great Barrier Reef.  From there, we head up into the Daintree Rainforest for a few days, before making our way up to the northern most point on mainland Australia, Cape York.  We then start our slow meander home, coming back via central NSW, through SA and back home.

Whilst there are lots of km’s to drive, we’ve managed to space things out so that other than the first 2 days of our trip, we’re never driving more than 650kms in a day, and that’s every 3rd (or more) day.  We’ve got plenty of time allocated to activities and just general chillaxing.

Stay tuned to this blog for hopefully semi-frequent posts with our thoughts and photos as we progress.

Cheers the Budgies

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