Canberra sojourn #6 – Yass!!

With Autumn in full swing, we took the back roads out to Yass, then through to Gunning.

Yass is a small country town in the southern NSW tablelands, with that typical Australian town vibe.  Its main street has some great old buildings, most of which have been restored and maintained.

From Yass, we meandered through to Gunning, another (smaller) country town, but where we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the lunch we had at the local café. 

Like our Cooma road-trip, we saw a bunch more dead wombats.  They’re obviously reasonably common, but it’s sad to see so many didn’t make the trip home.

The Yass Courthouse
Autumn colours in Yass
An old farmhouse
An old farmhouse
Jules and autumn colours in Gunning
Autumn colours in Gunning

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