Trip 8, day 2 – Dugongs, Turtles and Tiger Sharks

Day 2 started well, waking up to sound of waves gently breaking at the edge of the camp and the sun rising.  We were camped pretty much on the beach with just a small sand dune separating us from the water.  It was nice waking up and watching the sunrise colour the sky.  Tones spotted a creature in the bush and was certain it was a bandicoot or something exotic like that however it turned out to be a rabbit.

We had the best brekky this morning, something I haven’t had in a loooooong time……peanut paste on toast.  Thanks to having a daughter allergic to peanuts, we don’t have peanut paste in our house and I’d been looking forward to this breakfast all week. There’s nothing like spreading it so thick that your tongue sticks to your palate! Breakfast was had sitting out the front of our van and watching the water.  It was crystal clear and dead flat.  Tones had already been for a walk along the foreshore and spotted turtles and a shark cruising the water.

Following brekky we readied ourselves for a morning of fishing with the boys. The boys had already done well in the previous week catching their snapper and Spanish Mackerel and now it was our turn to cast our lures to the water and see what took. So we launched our Hobie Kayaks, complete with rods and fishing gear and away we went. Unfortunately for us, the only thing waiting for us was the sharks who were waiting for our fish!!  I hooked onto a very decent size fish but after the first run, my line went a little slack and then TOOK OFF!!  Hanging on for dear life, the shark that had eaten my fish spun our yak in circles, first one way, then the other. Rod was nearby laughing at my struggle to land this bad boy.  I was just getting on top of reeling it in when the line went completely dead and I realised I’d been completed ‘sharked’ (bitten off). Those bloody sharks just lie in wait!  That was the story of the morning, hook one, play it for second, feel the line go when the shark grabbed the fish, play it for a few more seconds then lose it, and on it went!  No matter, it was still beautiful just being on the water watching the birds and and turtles and then – DUGONG!!!  He was surfacing right in front of us, obviously feeding on the the sea grass underneath.  I was rapt.  So the morning ended fish less for us but Rod and Jeff had a bit more luck catching a couple of keepers.  We headed back in leaving the boys to continue the day of fishing when I spied a shadow under the yak and pointed it out to Tones, who had seen it at the same time.  It was a shark which decided to double back on itself and come in behind us for a closer look.  It was a nice Tiger Shark approx 2mtrs long and Tones poo’d his panties seeing it cruise right up behind the boat and he was sitting at the back.  It was really quite impressive.

We had a quick change and decided to go for a drive around to Cape Peron.  Calling into Bottle Bay I managed to get one bar reception on my phone and had a good chat to Madeleine who was home by herself house and dog sitting.  We then headed around to Skip Jack Point and walked the boardwalk to the lookout.  Beautiful spot, we watched stingrays and sharks casually swimming by.  The surrounds here are just superb.  Red cliffs down to beautiful pristine blue water.  I could sit and watch for hours.

It really is amazing to see red dunes and I always love seeing them. To me it always screams “Australia!!” and then I know I’m on holidays.  Woop woop…..BRING.IT.ON!!!!!


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