On the eve of Trip 9…

OK, Jules and I are setting off on Trip 9 tomorrow and for those that are interested here’s our intended route.  As you can see, a month on the road covering the South Western corner of Australia (that’s right “Australia”), all in all about 9000km.

No girls, again, as they’re studying at school and uni so whilst it’s nice to have some “us” time, it’s a bittersweet feeling not being able to share this experience with our girls.

I love the planning stage for our trips and whilst I’ve worked out where we should be going we’re not religiously holding to this route and we’ll happily adjust the trip on the fly.  The only appointment we need to make is in the Barossa Valley on the 17th August as that’s our 20th Wedding Anniversary and we’ve booked a special day out with Barossa Daimler Tours.

We expect to have mobile coverage for a lot of the trip so we hope to keep motivated enough to post regular updates on our progress and thoughts along the way on this blog.

Bon voyage and hasta la vista baby!

2016 Trip - resized

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  1. Hey Tony and Dooly , have a most awesome “adventure”. I look forward to photos and updates. Travel safely xx

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