Trip 10 – Going it solo

A short jaunt this trip, down to Molloy Island for two nights over a weekend to relax, share a beer with mates and do a little kayak fishing.  However, my partner in crime, aka Jules, had other plans so it was up to me to run this mission solo. The great thing about our little Goldy is that it’s little and simple to setup and use.  I had no problems setting or packing it up by myself, including reversing it in and even backing the car onto the trailer hitch (thanks to the camera I setup).  And guess what?  A two person van is really spacious with only one person in it so I think I could get use to this solo thing..

Molloy Island is about 8kms north of Augusta, about 320kms from Perth, and sits in the Blackwood River at the intersection/fork of the Blackwood and Scott River systems.  There’s a small permanent population living on the island itself (I think about 50 people) who need to use the cable ferry to get to the mainland for supplies etc.  We were staying at the Molloy Island Caravan Park which is on the mainland side, just up from the ferry access.  A lovely little park with plenty of wildlife and easy access to the rivers.  An early (4am) start on Saturday morning saw us on the water at about 4:30am for a short paddle up the canal to the Scott River.  Getting up at this time was worth it just to experience the sun rising over the perfectly still, but mist shrouded water.  The fishing action was a bit slow, we think to the still large amount of fresh water washing down the river, but there were enough rises and strikes to keep us interested and if you were really keen a feed of large Herring was relatively assured.

I took the camera out with me and popped off a few shots from the yak but this trip was more about relaxing and sharing some great time with good friends.


The morning sunrise over a misty river


A local watching me drift slowly by


Another shot of the “Super Moon”, albeit in its waning gibbous state.  Shot with my 300mm lens (at 2x crop so 600mm full frame lens equivalent).  Not bad considering it was shot hand held from a yak floating down the Scott River..

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