Trip 11 – Annual pilgrimage to Augusta

Twelve in a row, that’s how many years we’ve been going down to Augusta for our Christmas / New Years holiday break.  Typically arriving Boxing Day, this year we tried something new and got down there on Christmas Day and then spent two weeks there.

Augusta was awesome as always however we did have so shitty weather days, but these were mixed in with some glorious Augusta summers days as well.  We spent the first week with the usual crew, BJ, Rod, Mel, Put and TT who were ably supported by Pat, Richi and kids, Simon, Kristy and Tyler and Kim, Bec and kids.  A regular tribe…

The first week was spent kayak fishing, relaxing and sharing drinks and stories with our friends.  The second week it was just the Budgies, but we easily amused ourselves with some more fishing, golf, fancy lunches, wine tasting and the sort.

For some reason I didn’t have any urge whatsoever to pull out my own camera this trip so the following pics are stolen from the crews facebook streams.

augusta-jules-and-tania augusta-girls-on-bags augusta-colour-patch augusta-jules-and-drinkies augusta-new-years augusta-perfect-beach-day augusta-scrabble-in-van augusta-golf-tony augusta-golf-george augusta-jules-and-mads augusta-tony-and-george

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