Trip 15 – Once every 2 months

We’ve worked out that we’ve had our van coming up 30months now, and we’ve just completed trip 15, so once every 2 months we’ve been away (not sure where your dirty mind was taking you)…  We’re pretty happy with that usage, as we bought the van with the best intention of using it regularly, however, as you know, life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes.  Luckily for us, it seems we’ve made a habit of camping in our van!

This time we were back down to Molloy Island to spend some time with “BJ and friends“, however, our trip almost became “just friends“, as BJ did a magic trick, and turned his 80series Landcruiser and Topaz caravan:

Into this, a lovely tent and a sedan, borrowed from a mate…..

Honestly, he is, and we are, very lucky to still have old BJ around.  On his way down to Molloy earlier in the week, his van developed the sways, which escalated into the swerves and ended up with the van flipping itself, his car and poor Jeff inside, onto its side.  Luckily, apart from a missing thong, BJ got off pretty lightly with just a black eye and some insurance claims to sort out.  Just goes to show how careful you need to be, and how you never know what’s around the corner.  Live life now..

Anyways, enough about BJ, this is our blog.

I’ve blogged about Molloy before so won’t go into too much detail, except to say it’s still a very lovely spot to spend time with friends.  This time with BJ (luckily), Rod, Paul and Tania, Duncan and Karen, Geoff and Noel.  We did some great fishing, catching shite loads of Herring, largish Salmon Trout, even larger Tailor and some great sized Yellowfin Whiting, although the Bream were a bit scarce.  We also shared the campsite with plenty of wildlife, with ducky parents and ducklings, a visiting Bandicoot, hand-feedable 28’s (parrots), Kangaroo’s with Joeys, and Dolphins in the river.  A lovely few days with lots of laughs, particularly on Saturday night when Duncan brought out the “Greek Vodka” (a bottle of Ouzo).  His Greek accent was crap and he sounded Russian, hence “Greek Vodka”.  This was on top of the bottle of Baileys (“Irish Vodka”), some wine and beers, Gin, Drambuie and Butterscotch Schnaapps…  Suffice to say, no one got up early on Sunday to go fishing..  I hope you enjoy the pics!

— The crew —

— Jules being a knob.  She’ll claim it was because she was looking into the sun, however, she often looks like this —

— Ma and Pa duck with ducklings —

— The little beach at the Caravan Park, looking out over the Blackwood River —

— BJ and Noel preparing for a fish —

— Jules and me in the yak —

—- Jules being a knob, again — 

— Be very, very quiet, Jules is hunting fish —

— Cruising the shallows, chasing Whiting on poppers —

— Somehow BJ managed to get his yak bogged in the middle of the river…. —-

— A small Salmon Trout (juvenile Australian Salmon—


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