Trip 16, part 3 – Celebrating birthdays galore!

Rod turned 50 in March 2017, it was my (Tony’s) 46th birthday in December, Tania gets a year older on the 8th Jan (a lady never tells her age, but if you take a good look at her you’ll probably be able to guess her age easily enough…), and I’m also reliably informed that the rest of the crew also celebrated a birthday sometime in 2017.  However, trumping us all was Madeleine.  You see, she turns 20 on the 15th of Jan, but decided before we came down to Augusta that she wanted to have her birthday drinks, with the camping crew, at the Colonial Brewing Company.  So, after a game of short straws to determine the responsible drivers, thanks TT and Mel, it was off to Margs for lunch.

Personally, I like the Colonial Brewing Company for their fabulous Wheat Beer, however, they do a range of beers, taste’able via a beer paddle, as well as a cider, so everyone managed to find something to their liking.  It was a good thing that Mads had booked a table with some shade as the South West sun was out in full force in the beer garden.

It was then a standard affair of “camping crew meets bar” so I don’t really need to go into the details, however, the drinks were plentiful and the food good.  Not fine dining restaurant quality, but very generous servings and pretty tasty.  Unfortunately for Rod, he was too lazy to order his own meal and asked his dad, Mel, to order it.  Now Mel is a top bloke, of slightly advancing years, however, despite having retained all his mental marbles, whilst placing the order for the two burgers (his and Rods), he figured that the $25 price tag must have covered both burgers, only to discover 20mins later that it’s $25 per burger…  Sorry Rod, you’re burgerless and still too lazy to order another.  Luckily there were more than enough spare chips, pizza and chicken wings floating around the table as surplus to requirements, so Rod got a good feed for free.

Eagle eyed Tania spotted the celebratory in the crowd.  Myles Pollard was sitting a couple of tables down with his friends, and this kept Jules and Tania happy as they could perve and social media stalk him whilst enjoying their lunch.

As you’ll note below, the camera was passed around for lots of birthday snaps.  And all in all, it was a great day out.

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