Trip 16, part 4 – Finally, a New Year’s Eve which wasn’t too cold to see it in

I don’t need many words here as the following pics will do the talking, however, the great weather, combined with our new walled gazebo, which blocked out any cool breeze, meant we were able to spend New Years Eve in relative luxury.  Our previous few years, we’d been huddling together for warmth, and we typically lost a few people prior to midnight as they succumbed to the cold.

Not this year..  Lots of food, even more drinkies, and the toilet game – courtesy of Jeff –  meant New Year’s Eve was spent laughing.  If you’re wondering, the ‘toilet game’ consists of a small toilet bowl, complete with toilet water and flusher, and a spinner.  The game, if you can call it that, is simple, spin the spinner to see what number of flushes you have, then with your face close enough to the bowl that you could yak into it, flush the dunny and hope.  If you’re lucky, you’ll just hear the soothing sounds of the flush, however, randomly the toilet squirts some of the toilet water into your face.  Even though we all knew the toilet was a toy and the toilet water fresh from the tap, it was still hilarious to see some of the reactions as people got squirted.  Courtney was the ultimate winner, surviving multiple rounds without a single toilet freshener to the face.

As shall be proven by the prosecution using the following pics as evidence, Jules and Put were this year’s Augusta New Year king and queen, having consumed way too many drinks, but managing to remain stupidly funny throughout the night.  Consequently, New Year’s Day was a much slower affair, with a sleep in and recovery feel.

The night started off calmly enough….


Then BJ brought out the Toilet game which randomly sprayed you in the face with (clean) dunny water on flushing..


Then came the shots, shooters and cocktails….


That’s when shit got real….


Happy New Year everyone, we hope you have a great 2018!

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