Trip 17, part 3 – Riesling, cheese and crackers

As we’d planned a lovely lunch of cheese and crackers today, we did a short toodle out to Geeraning Rock, then Beringbooding Rock (also worth another visit in future) and finally the old Bonnie Rock townsite.  Whilst none of it was the best thing you ever did see, all of it was enjoyable and interesting.  We’re definitely going to spend some more time out here, exploring The Wheatbelt Way.

At Geeraning Rock


The old hand dug and lined well at Geeraning Rock


A little lizard at Geeraning Rock


A 28 parrot at Beringbooding Rock


Trees on the horizon of the wheat field


The old Bonnie Rock town hall, the only building still left


A broken down old bus at a dump site just out of Bonnie Rock


Before commencing our lunch, we did the local walks to the ‘wave’ and Monty’s Chasm at Elachbutting Rock and whilst the wave is pretty cool, it is smaller than the famous Wave Rock at Hyden, however having said that, Elachbutting Rock’s wave is free and tourist free.  We had it all to ourselves.  Monty’s Chasm on the other hand is pretty special, reminding us of Echidna Chasm in the Bungle Bungle in the Kimberley.  About 30mtrs long, an absolutely massive piece of granite has literally slid off the main rock to form this natural chasm.  You can walk right through the chasm and on the other side is a medium sized cave like hollow which you could easily imagine would have offered shelter to aboriginals and weary travelers alike.  Standing at the far end, your voice echoed clearly back at you due to the cup like rock formation.

The Elachbutting Rock ‘wave’.  Not as big as the more famous Wave Rock at Hyden, but big enough and notice the non-crowds?


Jules and I pose for a wave


Looking into Monty’s Chasm (pretty cool)


Jules exploring the chasm.  The walk through it plays with your head and balance as the sloping walls make you feel like you’re leaning over


Looking back the other way, into Monty’s Chasm


A little microcosm of life on top of Elachbutting Rock


Another breakaway face on the east side of Elachbutting Rock


As mentioned, lunch was a lovely bottle of crisp Mandoo Riesling, shared with an assortment of cheeses, quince paste, pickled veg and patte on crackers. At times like this we often wonder what the poor people are doing, but then we snap out of it and figure it sucks to be them.

Edit: our lunchtime serenity, and in fact most of our ‘camp time’, has been somewhat rudely interrupted by a devil baby about 3 sites away.  Despite being probably 100mtrs away, and mostly downwind, this evil little human spawn has decided to communicate via ear bloodying screams.  Whilst it’s a passing annoyance to us, it must be living hell to be anyone within 10mtrs of the little fella.


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