Trip 20, part 11 – It’s a Barbie world!

This is the story of Barbie and her three Kens.

Barbie is very beautiful and is lucky to have three Kens in her life.  There is Taken, so called because of his love for Tay Tay and his use of her song “Shake It Up” as his alarm clock.  There is Broken, so called because he’s like a brother from another mother to Barbie.  And, there is Mistaken, so called because Barbie married this Ken, making him her Mista.

One-day Barbie felt a strange attraction, drawing her to visit Magnetic Island, so she booked a ferry for herself and her Kens and spent a fun filled, fabulous and frivolous day there.  This is the story of what happened..

<< Photo credit: Tony – One of the ferries that run between Townsville and Magnetic Island. >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Approaching Magnetic Island.  It’s looks a bit Jurassic Park from a distance. >>

Now Magnetic Island isn’t very big, but Barbie couldn’t be bothered walking everywhere so she hired herself a Barbie Car and set off to explore the island.

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie’s beautiful, but very small and under-powered Barbie car that somehow lugged Barbie and her three Kens around the island. >>

1st stop was some silly car pics and selfies overlooking a beach, before doing some driving around the island, listening to her song “I’m a Barbie Girl” by Aqua on her Bluetooth boombox.  The locals and passer-by’s were very amused at Barbie’s and Ken’s antics, as they roamed the island in her pink Barbie car.  Broken took lots of video for a short clip he’s going to add to his YouTube channel, RocketWA, sometime soon, so keep an eye out for that special experience.

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie and her three Kens. >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie loves her Barbie Car! >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie’s three Kens >>

<< Photo credit: Jules – Barbie and Mistaken. >>

Next, it was off to hike the Forts walk, a 4km return hike to the old WW2 army battlements on Magnetic Island.  However, this hike is special as if you look very carefully you can sometimes spot wild Koalas in the bush and Barbie’s Kens spotted three Koalas for her.  She’s such a lucky girl.

<< Photo credit: Tony – A very beautiful flower that was growing wild everywhere on the island. >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Mistaken loved Barbie so much he gave Barbie a flower for her hat. >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Mistaken’s wanky leaf shot (he liked it anyway) >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – The 1st and cutest Koala we saw >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – The 1st and cutest Koala we saw >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Mistaken’s wanky pic of both the Koala and the flowers >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – The vista from near the old gun battlements >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – The 3rd Koala we saw.  The 2nd Koala was difficult to photograph through the foilage >>

Then Barbie took her Kens to a nice pub in Horseshoe Bay called The Marlin.  Here, Barbie and her Kens partook in a few quiet ales, before Taken shouted the crew lunch.  Thanks Taken, you’re a bloody legend!

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie and her Kens at The Marlin, a pub in Horseshoe Bay >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie at the pub >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – I think Broken has had too much to drink as we’re not sure what he’s trying to do in this pic >>

Mistaken had heard of a spot where you could feed wild Rock Wallabies vegetables, so after lunch, he drove Barbie’s car to a little bay where, after some searching, they found the Rock Wallabies and fed them, taking many pics and selfies along the way.  What a very special experience for Barbie!

<< Photo credit: Tony – One of the many rocky headlands >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – A wild Rock Wallaby we were able, and allowed to, hand-feed fresh veggies >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – A wild Rock Wallaby >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – A wild Rock Wallaby >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – A wild Rock Wallaby smiling for the camera.  Actually, he was scrounging for more food >>

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie with a Rock Wallaby >>

<< Photo credit: Jules – Mistaken with a Rock Wallaby >>

Barbie and her Kens were getting pretty weary by now as the sun was hot and they’d all done a lot of walking, so Mistaken drove them over to Picnic Beach for an icecream and a short walk out on the Jetty.

<< Photo credit: Tony – Barbie on the Jetty in Picnic Bay >>

By now Barbie and the Kens were well and truly buggered, so they dropped their Barbie Car back at the hire shop and waited for the next ferry home.  What an awesome day!  I hope you, dear reader, can find your own very special Barbie and Ken story one day.

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    1. Thanks Michelle. We had a lot of fun. Wait to you see Rod’s video he’s putting together….

  1. An epic adventure for Barbie and the Kens…. that was a Farken good story ….see what I did there ?

  2. great photos and stories. your close-ups with the rock wallaby probably wont cause the same stir as Federer with the quokka. safe travels

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