Trip 3 – an old favourite location

My best mates have been going there forever and when we got our licenses we used to join them for an annual pilgrimage to the Turners Caravan Park in Augusta.  Augusta W.A. is a very firm favourite location of ours (and our friends) and every February following the school holidays a bunch of us would head down to camp on the Blackwood River at Turners.  Some really great memories from these trips but as with all things, time marches on, some of us got married, then kids etc. and life just sort off got in the way and so the annual trip to Turners finished…

We’re now happy to report that the marriage is as strong as ever and the kids are no longer a pain in the arse (i.e. they’ve grown up a bit) and since 2004 we’ve managed to reinstate the annual trip, however it’s now just after Christmas (in school holidays) and we couldn’t get enough camping spots back at Turners so we’re now camping at the Flinders Caravan Park (another great spot but that’s for another post).

However this post is about the time we did manage to get down to Turners again and loved it all over again.  Turners is right on the Blackwood River at the bottom of the hill between the main drag (town) and the ColourPatch fish’n’chip store.  When the weather is nice this is truly a magic spot, lots of green grass to watch the river from, good fishing straight out front and a short walk to town.  The reason for this trip was to go kayaking and fishing, and myself and Georgia had a ball yak’ing around the mouth of the Blackwood fishing for Herring on lures made from drinking straws.  I’m happy to report that I won the fishing competition (though only just) and Georgia had to refer to me for the rest of the day as “His Excellency, Lord Sergeant Captain Fisho Dad” (or something equally ridiculous).

It’s unfortunate we can’t get back into Turners for our Christmas trips again however we’ve got great sites at Flinders now where we’ve built another 11 years of great memories.

Me and George yak’ing in the old Dead Water (photo courtesy Rod)

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