Trip 4 – our new annual pilgrimage to Augusta

For the billions of fans that read our blog and the previous post you’ll know that we Budgies love Augusta and after spending years camping down there at Turners, we had a hiatus to get married and have kids but have recently (since 2004) recaptured that Augusta vibe and now camp there every Christmas break down at the Flinders Caravan Park.

This was our first trip to Flinders in the new van (having always tented in the past) and after some shuffling of the site we managed to get everything organised and laid out perfectly.  The only problem we had was the girls kept popping in and out of the van all day (I think they were jealous as they were still in the tents).

Our annual trip to Augusta is our only holiday centred around one thing and one thing only, relaxing…  Most days consist of getting up when we feel like it, coffee and breakfast outside in the sun, trying to decide what we’re going to do for the day (which most days consists of reading and/or snoozing), then trying to determine what timezone in the world has reached 4pm so that we can break out the beer/wine and nibblies with our friends.


Driving through the Boranup Forest

_C290051-3 _C290045-3

The old waterwheel at the Leeuwin Lighthouse, can you spot the face in the rock?

_1010077-3 _1010071-3

Checking out the scenery at the waterwheel, near Leeuwin Lighthouse

Improv game of Pong on the camping table using my chrissy present ‘camping pong set’



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