Trip 42 – Farewell old friend

Poor old Goldy has been consigned to the shed for the last 6 months due to work commitments not allowing us to get away. But this trip is special. Our good friend Owie passed recently and he requested his ashes be spread in the Blackwood River, at Molloy Island Caravan Park, as this was a special place for him. So it was with sad hearts, but good memories that Annie, her family and a bunch of Owie’s friends gathered at Molly to share this moment.

Whilst the weather was fine, it was very windy, no surprise really for Augusta, so as we shared a drink in Owie’s memory and let his ashes join the Blackwood, I swear some of the ashes blew back up into our faces. So I can now say I carry Owie in my memories, my heart, and my bloody eyes!

We hope you’re sitting back up there, with a Melbourne Bitter in hand, having a cheeky chortle at your last adventure.

Rest in peace mate.

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