Trip 43 – “N” stands for New Year’s Eve

This year’s theme for our 2023 New Year’s Eve was to pick a costume based on the first letter of your name. The Augusta weather was reasonably forgiving this year, a little cool, but the wind managed to drop off to a stiff zephyr, rather than the strong gale that it had been for most of the trip.

Lots of fun was had, despite everyone partaking in alcohol sparingly. Although we may have created a monster and started a new tradition. Due to the group’s efforts and the fantastic costumes, someone had the idea to do a walk around the park, wishing everyone a happy New Year. Our little corner site has become relatively well known for our NYE antics, and our campground parade was well received, with lots of campers gathering on the roadside, with their kids to watch and photograph us as we walked past. We even got waved onwards, into other camp loops to ensure those campers weren’t missed on our little tour. By the time we made it back to our campsite, we had a following of a couple of dozen kids running or cycling behind us, and they took some convincing that the show was over as we settled back into our chairs for the evening.

Anyways, here’s the pics – enjoy!

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