The drone

In preparation for an upcoming trip, we invested in a DJI Air 3 drone. The rationale is, that we’ll be camping in some awesome parts of Australia and the drone will allow us to capture pics from another perspective.

So today Bushy and I took out our respective drones for a drive around the Wheatbelt, heading out around Kondut and Wongan Hills.

Nice drive and I’m reasonably happy with my pics, and for not crashing the drone on my first flight. However, it was a close call as at one location a Wedge Tailed Eagle decided he didn’t like my drone, or thought it was dinner, and attacked and hit it twice whilst at over 100mtrs up! Luckily I managed to land it ok and only lost a pair of propellers on the left side.

Here’s the pics from the trip. I’m now looking forward to using the drone at other unique locations!

Starting with a regular camera shot at our first location.
It was just after taking this shot that the Wedgie attacked my drone!

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