It’s the end of the year when the Budge family pack our bags, load up Goldy and migrate south to Augusta for our annual Christmas camping holiday.

Like most Augusta trips, someone, typically Rod, says or starts something stupid, and this quickly becomes the trip mantra. As you’ve probably guessed from the post title, this year’s mantra is “CHICKEN CURRY”, expressed loudly with your arms in the air, like a novice cricket umpire signalling a Six. The background to this year’s mantra is innocuous and came about when we asked Rod what he’d had for dinner that night, to which he replied as previously described. He was so energetic and passionate about his consumed dinner, that his expression stuck, eventually being used in our New Year’s Eve drinking game.

Now that we’ve settled the mantra, on to the trip.

Augusta’s weather forecast for the period 19th Dec’23 through to 6th Jan’24

  • Mostly sunny, with consistent strong South / South East wind

Yep, another Augusta special this year, lots of wind, but luckily the days were mostly sunny and warm. That is until the sun started to set, at which time the wind seemed to drop the temp by 10 degrees, so out came the trackie pants, ugg boots and hoodies.

As usual, we’ll let the pics (below) do the talking, but key highlights of this trip included:

  • Jules and Tony using our new e-bikes to get around, including a lovely 25km round trip ride from Margaret River down to Gnarbarup Beach for a coffee and bagel, then back again.
  • A glorious Christmas Day, with light winds, warm sun and a lovely roast chook and veggies for lunch.
  • A camping crew game of Lawn Bowls up at the Augusta green.
  • A 4WD day trip out to Yeagerup Sand Dunes and a game of beach cricket atop the dune, followed by some hooning (after Rod unbogged himself).
  • A couple of lunches down at Colour Patch.
  • Almost daily partaking of the fantastic quality and tasting meat from the Augusta butcher.
  • A themed New Year’s Eve evening, but refer to our other post for the theme and pics.
  • Jules, Tony, Tania and Paul having our annual degustation lunch with paired reserve wines at Rustico (Hay Shed Hill).
  • Lots of relaxing, reading, drinking coffee and chilling out at the campsite.
  • Playing different varieties of Uno and learning to play the Presidents & Arseholes card game.

So, let’s let the pics do the talking..

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