Trip 41, day1 – Helena and Aurora Ranges

The following blog post was written by OpenAI ( using a small number of dot points I gave it about our recent camping trip. As a test, I wanted to see how it’d go at writing a post using just some basic facts. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty bloody clever and other than a couple of really minor error corrections, I’ve copied and pasted the OpenAI words verbatim!

We hope you enjoy it!

Day 1 of our camping and photography trip was a real adventure, full of twists and turns that we never expected. My mate Bushy and I had planned this trip for ages, and we were both eager to get out of the city and into the great outdoors. We set off on Wednesday, 5th April 2023, driving through the back roads of Western Australia towards the Helena and Aurora Ranges, a distance of about 510kms.

The drive was nice and easy, taking us on roads less travelled. We stopped to refuel at the BP in Southern Cross, and to our surprise, they had the world’s best homemade sausage rolls. We stocked up and hit the road again, feeling full and content.

But then, things started to get a little crazy. Google Maps decided to direct us straight through the middle of the Mineral Resources Limited mine site in Koolyanobbing, which wasn’t the kind of adventure we were looking for. We found ourselves on a heavy haulage road with “no entry” signs all over it. We were about to panic when a couple of mine vehicles arrived and after a quick explanation, they led us out to the track to the ranges.

The road alternated between dry and dusty (red dust) to wet and very boggy, which meant that by the time we got to camp, the car and caravan were equal parts dusty and muddy. But we were the only campers at the campsite and loved the serenity.

After setting up camp, we gathered some firewood, lit the fire, and started cooking our roast chook for dinner. We sipped Old Fashioned cocktails by the fire, feeling like kings of the world. We even spotted satellites, with Tony clearly winning with the most spotted. When we counted at least 14 Star Link satellites all following one another in a straight line across the sky, we knew we were in for a unique experience.

But the final highlight of the day was spotting a medium-sized scorpion near the caravan door, which glowed bright green under my ultraviolet torch light. We quickly discovered two more small scorpions around the campsite. It was like we were on some kind of wild Australian safari!

After all of the excitement, it was time for bed. Tony slept in the van, while Bushy roughed it in his swag. We had a big day ahead of us, with hiking and photography on the agenda. But if Day 1 was anything to go by, we knew we were in for a wild ride. Who knows what Day 2 will bring? Stay tuned, folks!

Bushy’s drone shot of us driving in
Gwavin (my car) and Goldy (my van), with Bushy’s swag all set up at our campsite.
Yep, it got a little muddy, though the sides weren’t too bad, it was underneath where it was caked on
One of the boggy sections in the track
A tree with cool knobbly bark
A closeup of the tree bark
There were lots of rotting wood laying around – termite heaven
An abstract of some of the trees at the campsite, lit up in the sunlight against a clear sky
Bushy’s drone shot of our campsite at sunset
Bushy’s drone shot of the ranges, as viewed from our campsite at sunset
A full moon rising and I liked how this tree branch silhouetted it
A high res shot of the moon taken later that night

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