WA’s colourful salt lakes

My mate Rod invited me out on a day trip around the Dalwallinu area, approximately 230kms North East of Perth to explore and shoot some of the areas extraordinarily coloured salt lakes. He wanted to get some video of the lakes from his drone and gave me a couple goes on the drone to find and shoot some photos.

Having done his homework before leaving, Rod had a plan to hit three lakes before lunch and another three after. The first and last lakes of the day were easily the show stealers, with beautiful pink and orange hues and lightning like salt crusts in the pan.

In between drone shoots, I amused myself by wandering around with my camera finding land shots.

My first shot of the day, taking sitting out front of home whilst waiting for Rod to arrive. Our flowering plum tree in the front yard, lit up by the rising sun.
Some dead, star shaped flower heads on one of the many succulents that fringe the salt lakes.
Small nut like seeds on a small tree.
A little butterfly posing on a bush with round, almost cactus like leaves.
Dried seed heads swaying in the breeze.
A little jumping spider I found on a gum.
A water tank sitting on the horizon.

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