Canberra sojourn #13 – And I’d like to thank…

No ‘hard thing’ is ever achieved without sacrifice and support, and this work project in Canberra is no exception.  My role on this project was to select, lead and manage a project team, at one point nearly 70 people strong, to achieve our customer outcomes and I can truly say, with heartfelt gratitude that I had the honour of working with some of the best and most beautiful people in Kinetic IT.  From day one we had a great team vibe and whilst there were plenty of tears along the way, there was always more laughter, dedication, love, hugs and hard work to follow.

There was no way this project could have succeeded if only a few people chipped in, or if we had the odd ‘bad apple’, but I’ve been truly blessed with the people in my team, many of which I only met for the first time during the project.

Following is only a snippet of some of the ‘more appropriate’ pics from our various work-related activities and interactions.  Alongside our memories from visiting Canberra and the region, our engagement with our new friends during this project will stay with us forever.

Thank you guys, love you all long time.

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