Canberra sojourn #1 – Kangaroo Valley

Following a hot tip from one of my Defence project colleagues, Jules and took a short-ish round trip out to Kangaroo Valley for some sightseeing and lunch.  En route, we dropped into Fitzroy Falls which I reckon would be one of the best, if not the best, lookouts I’ve ever visited.  Truly spectacular and somewhere we intend to visit again so we can spend some more time there doing the hikes.

Fitzroy Falls (to the left)
Looking back towards Fitzroy Falls from the other side of the valley
Looking out the valley
Fern frond
Curious skink
Curious skink

The falls themselves tumble 80 metres down a sheer cliff face, directly off the edge of the tablelands into a massive valley which opens up before you.

The small town of Kangaroo Valley is nice, but not much different from many other small towns you’d expect to see in our great countryside.  A quick pint and nice pub meal at the local were a nice treat before we headed home.

The local at Kangaroo Valley
Another lookout we stopped at on the way home

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