Trip 9 – A fortuitous decision

OK, so we had planned to drive the Oodnadatta Track from north of the Flinders Ranges, out to Coward Springs, then Oodnadatta, before making the Sturt Hwy just south of Marla and then north to Alice Springs.  Well, whilst we had some internet access at Wilpena Pound, where we’d stopped for a coffee on Saturday arvo, we noted that whilst the Oodnadatta Track was open, there was a forecast of 3 days of showers for the region, so we had some worries.  To double check our concerns, we questioned a ranger at Wilpena who mentioned he’d just come in from Marla along the track and it was already muddy, so decision made, we changed our plans yesterday to head south from Flinders Ranges to Port Augusta, then north up the Sturt Highway to Coober Pedy and then out to Alice Springs.

Checking in at Coober Pedy tonight and we noted that this morning the whole Oodnadatta Track was closed “due to rain”.  Decision validated and we’re so happy we didn’t head north this morning as best case we would have been stopped before heading onto the track at Maree, 230kms north of our camping spot OR worst case, we would have entered the track and then spent the next, god knows how long trying to make it to the other end via all the mud..

The silver lining in the decision to come to Coober Pedy is that we gain an extra day at Gemtree, north of Alice Springs, which is a location we love.


The route we’d planned to take out of the Flinders Ranges.  North, up the Oodnadatta Track to the Sturt Hwy




The SA Road Conditions update as at 8am Sunday, 21/8.  Note that the Oodnadatta is closed..  When we checked this yesterday (Sat at about 2pm) it was all open with the section between William Creek and Oodnadatta at Blue for ruts.




Our new route, south to Pt Augusta and then north up the Sturt Hwy to Coober Pedy for a night (where we are now, Sunday night) before we head off to Alice Springs tomorrow

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