Trip 12 – Celebrating Rod’s oldness

Our very good friend Rodney is 50, old bastard that he is (I can say that because I’m younger)….  And to celebrate his oldness, a large bunch, some may call us a ‘gaggle’, of his friends and family gathered at his childhood camping location, Turner Caravan Park in Augusta.  As previously posted, Turner’s sits on the mouth of the Blackwood River and for us provides the perfect spot to camp, enjoy good food and drinks and kayak.

Rod’s birthday was Saturday the 18th March and it was one of the now very rare times the ‘old crew’ got back together for much merry making and talking shit.  For some reason a few of us, myself included, were unfortunately struck down by a 24hr mystery illness the following day, but by Monday our stamina was sufficiently restored and we were raring to go again.  Most of the gang hung around until the Tuesday, with Jules and myself, BJ and Mel hanging around for the full week.  Luckily we had some reasonable Augusta weather, not too hot, cold, wet or windy, and so we’ve been able to get out and do lots of kayaking, catching plenty of Herring and Salmon Trout.  On the Monday, the weather was nice enough to tackle Hamelin Bay in the yaks so a 5 car convoy later, we launched amid the numerous stingrays that inhabit the boat ramp and tried our luck around the island just offshore.  A little breezy and lumpy initially, the wind died off, as predicted by his Oldness, and we found hoards of hungry Herring who were so intent on our lures that they more often foul hooked themselves rather than biting the lures.  Putt found a school of Salmon and managed to get one into the yak and Rod and BJ managed to bring up a just undersized Dhufish each (which was released).  As with most of the South coast, a slight waft of breeze, quickly stiffened into a persistent Southerly so it was a little damp making it back to the boatramp.

With over 50mm of rain falling Tuesday night, Wednesday was forecast to be wet and windy so we (Jules, his Oldness, BJ, Mel and me) decided to take a trip up to Quinninup Falls.  Parking at Moses Rock surfing area, we had a short (few kms) walk, along the Cape to Cape Trail, up to the falls where his Oldness and I took some pics/video, him with his new DJI Mavick drone, me with my camera.  Interestingly and unfortunately, although we’d had so much rain overnight, the runoff must have already subsided as whilst the falls were running it wasn’t what you’d call spectacular.   Hiking is thirsty work so we then dropped into The Grove Experience and Limeburners distilleries to try their locally brewed spirits, before finishing the trip with a fantastic pie from the Witchie Cafe.

The remainder of the week was spent relaxing, kayak fishing and talking shite, in this very special caravan park we have in our Southwest.


Birthday celebrations


Birthday celebrations


Jules and I sharing a beer at Jimmys (shit food, don’t do it), with “His Oldness”


Put’s Salmon from Hamelin Bay


His Oldness flying his drone using his goggles and Tan trying to look like she doesn’t know this strange bloke next to her


The Blackwood River from the ColourPatch, looking back towards town with Turners Caravan Park on left of frame


His Oldness exagerating about the size of the Herring he didn’t catch


BJ and His Oldness cleaning fish and feeding the locals which includes the stingrays (look closely at BJ’s feet)


On the Cape to Cape Trail to Quinninup Falls

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The Quinninup Falls


The Quinninup Falls


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  1. Well his oldness would just like to say he had a great trip away with you lot. I hope we have more trips away together in the many years to come. Good family and great friends is what it is all about!

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