Trip 8, days 3, 4 and 5 – Bluebone bustoffs and solar worries

We’re settling into the holiday routine now.  Wake up with the sunrise, ponder the days activities over breakfast which typically consisted of a bit of fishing in the morning, light lunch followed by wine and nibblies prior to dinner.  Not much to report on the fishing front, we were catching a few but nothing to write home about.

On Wednesday arvo, we headed out to the inner reef in the yaks to try our hand at catching Bluebone.  We managed a small one and Jules caught a nice cod but we lost most of our rigs to the bigger Bluebone who sit just off the reef and always have an exit strategy straight into the sharp edged reef holes.  Tricky little buggers.  Whilst out on the reef, Rod was dropping his GoPro around the place, mostly on top of the reef which on this tide was about a meter under water (not deep).  On review later that night he discovered that he’d video’d a mid-sized Tiger Shark that had come in to investigate the camera, check out the footage (@ timecode 1:48) here on one of Rod’s amazing videos.

The only other thing worth reporting was despite our large (400W) solar panel array on the van, we’d had almost continuous heavy overcast skies since arriving and the panels simply weren’t getting enough ‘sun hours’ per day to keep the van batteries charged so a little improv re-wiring by Tony got the Prado providing a 12V DC supply to the vans BMS30 which then topped up the van batteries.  Problem fixed, although it did mean we had to leave the Prado simply sitting there idling for a couple of hours whilst we charged the batteries but this was a small price to pay to ensure we had cold beers.

Some pics from around camp…

Ocean Gull waiting for fish scraps




Rod and BJ coming in from another days fishing.


The Budgies in the yak, trying our luck.



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